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School Improvement Plan

Florida Statute, requires district school boards to annually approve and require implementation of a school improvement plan (SIP) for each school in the district.

The SIP is intended to be the primary artifact used by every school with stakeholders to review data, set goals, create an action plan and monitor progress… The Florida Department of Education encourages schools to use the SIP as a “living document” by continually updating, refining and using the plan to guide their work throughout the year. This printed version represents the Hudson Middle School SIP as of the “Date Modified” listed in the footer. 

Florida Parental Information and Resource Center (Florida PIRC)

The Florida Parental Information and Resource Center (Florida PIRC) at the University of South Florida and the Florida Parental Information and Resource Center (Florida PIRC) of the Family Network on Disabilities are centers previously funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Their goals are to improve parental involvement in education so Florida’s students are better prepared to enter school and increase in their academic achievement.

Florida PIRC Parent Notifications may be viewed in English here and in Spanish here


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