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Science Fair Steps

Archimedes Initiative

Science Buddies

Science Fair Extravaganza

Note:  Science Fair entries are subject to school, district, and state pre-approval.   Because of deadlines for meeting state and district documentation requirements, we ask that Science Fair participants avoid engaging in experiments involving human subjects (psychology/sociology), vertebrate animals (pets, including fish, or other animals with backbones- insects are OK), bacteria/germs/molds/cheeses, potentially dangerous chemicals, or fire.  Please talk to your teacher about your ideas if you have questions.

Science Project Time Line

SSEF/ISEF Science Fair Rules & Forms

Regional Science & Engineering Fair Research Plan Guide

Safety Data Sheets (Flinn Scientific)

Creating your BEST possible Presentation

Create a Graph

Citation Machine

Science Made Simple Metric Conversions

HMS Judging Rubric

Hudson Middle School projects are due November 27, 2017.  Judging will occur during the school day on December 1.  

PASCO REGIONAL SCIENCE FAIR 2017-18 will take place at River Ridge Middle/High School February 10, 2018