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Parent Teacher Student Organization (PTSO)

HMS Parent Teacher Student Organization

What is the PTSO?

An organized group of Parents, Teachers, and students choosing to be involved and active in Hudson Middle school. We are people who understand that there are areas where the school needs support and volunteers. We are people who are willing to have some fun and help our kids have the best school and the best experiences possible. We are busy people who have families, careers and home lives yet choose to be involved with others that understand this and respect each others time and energy.

We are YOU! We are Hudson Middle School and we are proud to show we care! Please JOIN the Hudson Middle School PTSO today.

Our mission:

To be an active community of people whose share a common care and concern for the success of Hudson Middle School. We will be a community of people who actively supports each other and the efforts of our school and families, each helping to form and impact our citizens and future leaders.

We will do this through:
•    Monthly meetings
•    HMS community building events like tailgating parties and family movie nights.
•    Honoring HMS teachers and staff with a luncheon during Teacher appreciation week.
•    supporting our HMS 8th graders and their families by funding a moving on ceremony and presentation.
•    Offering opportunities for our kids to be activley involved with their school’s success

What now? How do I get started?

•    Become an approved volunteer and get involved!
•    Call HMS or see the website for a calendar of events
•    Attend the monthly meetings…share your ideas!
•    Come see how we are just a little different
•    Be on our email list